Adolescence can be an arduous stage for the whole family. As teenagers face hormonal changes, academic challenges, social pressures and struggle to become more autonomous with their decision-making, they can experience depression and anxiety and start to isolate. At the same time, parents may find it difficult to adjust to new parenting roles. During the adolescent stage, expectations shift for all members of the family. This change can cause poor communication and result in the family becoming overwhelmed by tension and stress. In turn, living in the competitive environment of Los Angeles can add an additional layer of complexity to the lives of teens.

Issues that are commonly addressed in therapy with adolescents:

  • Managing anxiety, depression and mood swings
  • Learning how to respond to others relationally
  • Developing a healthy sense of self
  • Increasing frustration tolerance
  • Improving judgment and making productive choices
  • Building positive coping skills
  • Developing clear communication skills
  • Finding positive ways to respond to peer pressure
  • Creating better compliance at home and/or school

Having worked with teens and families for many years, I know that despite the difficulty of adolescence, it also can be a rewarding time for families to come together. When I work with teens, I pay attention to their hopes and desires and assist them in constructively expressing them while they navigate the rules and regulations of school and home.

With great empathy, I assist teens and families in figuring out ways to navigate this challenging stage of life. iF you have additional questions, please call me at 323-799-4130 for a phone consultation.