Men's Therapy Group

This is a group for men who’d like to improve their relationships, solve problems, and live life more fully. Based on the view that many men today experience high levels of isolation, dissatisfaction and anger in their lives, the group will function as a lab where we can experiment with new ways to tackle a range of frustrations and challenges.

Recognizing that men today are pulled in different directions by various pressures, including differing concepts of masculinity, this group will help participants pick and choose how to move forward in a complicated world. The group will offer the opportunity to work on many of life’s difficulties in a frank, collaborative community setting.

This group will help participants to:

  • Share goals for life, work, family and relationships,
  • Build skills for attaining goals and working through life’s complications,
  • Specify the ethics and values we want to guide us in life,
  • Learn to talk about things we typically avoid,
  • Come out of isolation with our thoughts, feelings, desires and worries.

In this group, everyone’s goals, struggles, viewpoints and values will be respected as we work together to find creative and honorable ways to be the men we’d like to be.